Run Your Office Pool With Ease Information

Running a football pool is always a hassle, so why not make it easier with a pool management program!?

I had found a couple of pool management programs out there that were free or cost a little bit of money to manage your pool, but they were either extremely overloaded with content that it made it hard for some people to manage their picks, or the cost was just outrageous for what you get.

So I decided to make my own pool management program that was both cheap and was simple enough that even non-computer savvy people could log in and use.

What's Inside?

  • Create Your Own League
  • League Rules/Administration
  • Win Percentage Report
  • Manage Payments
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly

This NFL pick program was built with your average person in mind. You can make your picks in minutes and the software manages the rest. Wins/losses are reported as they happen and the admin just has to sit back and watch the games.