Centralizing Data for Business, Project Management and Reporting

Portal Information

I was looking for a better way to maximize production while keeping things very simplified.

There were a ton of programs out there that can help you do this, but I wanted something specifically for my business processes. That's when I thought, why not make something of my own! That's when I came up with the idea of having one place for all of my information, one place to house my projects I've been working on, and one place as a resource to look up anything I needed during my regular day. Over a few different re-designs, the Portal was born.

What's Inside?

  • Personal Logins
  • Project Listings
  • Report Color Customization
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Company Contact Information
  • Quick Links
  • Vacation Requests/Calendar
  • Code Vault
  • Ability to Add New Programs
  • Admin Area
  • User Listing
  • Employee Data Management
  • Admin Project Management
    • Cancellations
    • Restorations
    • Refunds
  • Department "WIKI"
  • Specialized Reporting (Customizable)